CW Policy

Content Warnings (CWs) are, naturally, warnings about the content of a particular piece. In an effort to make my writing and reviews accessible to those with trauma or aversions to particular topics, I am adamant about their use. However, given that this site shall primarily talk of horror and the horror genre, things typically associated with it – violence, death, gore, sex, monsters, etc. – will be considered implicit.

Common CWs will be those for specific types of horror and gore (e.g. eye injury, surgical horror, bugs, claustrophobia), problematic or oppressive content (e.g. racism, homphobia, transantagonism, ableism), and content that may trigger trauma in a reader (e.g. abuse, rape, CSA).

Readers who would like to request additional CWs be used are strongly encouraged to comment below or contact me; I want this site to be an inclusive space.

Some may consider the use of CWs with regard to such an inherently transgressive genre, or in general, useless or infantilizing. I disagree. More attention seems to be paid to whether a dog dies in a movie than its portrayal(s) of marginalized people, so I’m just doing my part to be empathetic.


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